The Pete Hamill Collection

"Nature and Scenic Photography through My Eyes"

About Me

I am a native of Washington, born in Seattle in 1964. As I  come into myself over the years; from a paperboy, to retail, and eventually Microsoft, it was not until my Mums death in 2004 that I left the mainstream and truely pursued something I was passionate about.Throughout my teen years, I had dabbled with photography. From my first Polaroid camera in 8th Grade, to 'borrowing' my fathers 35mm, wandering the neighborhood and stealing images of flowers, yards, and the occasional puppy. I have always loved travel, and have made it a mission to capture what I felt is 'Art in My Eyes' in the places I have visited; from the blocks near to me, to Belfast. I am continually adding photos to this site, from what adventures I embark on. In between my 'regular' job working nights (to pay the bills ;) ), you can find me in your neighborhood, your relatives state, or another country, attempting to capture an image that speaks to me, and hopefully will speak to you.

As far as personal interests, I am a simple man. I strive for a more minimalist life, love the art of the dance (Waltz preferred), cooking on a stove or over a fire, and listening to a good song by Frank or U2. I am just as happy  perusing a flea market or garage sale as I am going to a museum.

With the passing of my father in June of 2008, I am even more focused on my passion, and I hope I do both he and my Mum proud of my achievements. In closing, I do thank you for taking time to view my photos, and please take a moment to offer your input; I value any and all comments.

Thank you again, and Be Well,

Pete Hamill